Animal Production Specialist
Kenya, FAO, 2017

I led and contributed to a regional Plam of Action on provision of feed to prevent massive losses in livestock in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan.

Livestock Specialist
FAO HQ in Rome, field missions in Ethiopia and CAR, 2015-2016

In the FAO-Animal Production Systems Branch of Animal Production & Health Division, I provided expertise on appropriate technologies and techniques relevant to livestock production.
I provided technical expertise for safe animal products, improve value chains related to small ruminants in Ethiopia (Amahara & Tigray) and to facilitate the development and implementation of innovative solutions for the people in emergency situation related to pastoralists in CAR, Southern Sudan and to rural livelihoods in the “Ebola region”. I contributed to the preparation of publications and communication products. I developed livestock indicators in emergencies and contributed to the Caisse de Résilience advocacy. I participated in the development of the EU-DevCo’s program proposal on “Wild Meat” (FAO – leader- , CIRAD, CIFOR and WCS)

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