Project design monitoring & evaluation
www.ifrc.org 2018

As Community Epidemic & Pandemic Programme management consultant, I provided direct technical support to the National Society (NS) collaboration with relevant stakeholders to ensure quality implementation, collaborate with key partners, collect information about risks, NS capacity and ongoing activities. I collaborated in midterm reporting and 2019 planning as well as reviewing of technical guidelines for Emergency Responses to Epidemics and Pandemics.

Economic security delegate
Barda ICRC, 2017

In support to the sub-delegation, I monitored and evaluated all the agro related projects of 2016 and helped to liaise with agricultural department. I defined pilot projects for new crop varieties and drip irrigation. I conducted review of EcoSec 2016 Cash for Farmers, Cash for work and soil recovery projects along the Front line (Nagorno Karabakh)

Animal Production Specialist
Kenya, FAO 2017

I guided and contributed to a regional project on provision of feed to prevent massive losses in livestock in the Horn of Africa. The emergency program is designed for 260'000 Households (USD 42 million).

Economic Security Advisor
Eatsern Ukraine, ICRC 2016

I conducted, in conflict areas, an agro need based assessment and developed a project including an action plan and budget for agro production targeting about 10’000 vulnerable households in affected conflict areas. I designed standard agro and livestock kits for in kind distributions.

Advisor on Resilience and Recovery & Rehabilitation
UNDP, Chad, 2012-2014

Due to the Central African Republic crisis, I managed an inter-ministerial committee to formulate a Global Response Plan for the Chadian Returnees from CAR. The Global Response Plan (emergency Phase) was submitted to donors on Monday 28th April by the Chadian Government. The second phase on recovery and rehabilitation (medium & long term) was concluded in October through a 5 day workshop with representatives of the Government, UN and NGOs.I facilitated the workshop and formulated the draft plan for a 3 year programme.

Advisor – Design a pedagogic farm project
Georgia, Agrigea, 2013

I strengthened a professional association of veterinarians to develop an ambitious farming project in Eastern Georgia, in Gadarbani area. Based on existing farming structure (corn, pastures and livestock/poultry), the project will be composed by an important dairy farming activity as well as a training center for technical vocational training to professionals such as farmers, agronomists and vets. The mission structured ideas, develop a strategic planning & plan of actions and gave first elements of a business plan to start fund raising.

Advisor and senior officer, Humanitarian Pandemic Preparedness
IFRC, Geneva and worldwide, 2008-2012

At the initial stage of the program, to design process to expend and explore any new application for about 75 national projects. As technical person, I was in support to the IFRC zone coordinators and National Societies staff, the main activity was the development of tools, traning and guidelines. And afterwards to ensure mainstreaming those tools and material to 43 countries with numerous field visits. With consultants and partners, I actively participated in an 11 months evaluation process the "Programme Review Team" componed by field visits, interviews and surveys. From 2011, I was acting Unit manager and ensured the transition of the Influenza Unit activities into another health Unit. I worked on cross cutting projects such as Holistic Health and Resilience Approach and IFRC health training analysis of strategy and tools.

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