What we do


Vincent Briac, the founder and manager of BRIAC Sàrl, conducts project identification and assessment. He provides the following services : strategic planning, project writing and review as well as training or coaching for humanitarian and development organisations, Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and United Nations Agencies. Depending on the nature of the assignment, he may work in French, English and Spanish. He is also knowledgeable to work in post conflict areas. He has extensive experience in :

01 -

Building community preparedness and resilience by aligning organizational strategies (development of contingency plans, Business Continuity plans, simulation exercises) and local expectations

02 -

Establishing good relationships between the leaders of organizations and regional, national or local authorities, including in pre- and post-crisis contexts and conflicts

03 -

Establishing and leading respected high performance teams

04 -

Ensuring teams and projects deliver targets on time and within budget, through careful identification of challenges even in post conflict areas and monitoring of performance

05 -

Providing institutional capacity-building and community empowerment via project’s writing, staff coaching and training (LEGS Trainer)

06 -

Providing leadership on needs based assessment, risk and vulnerability assessment as well as mid term and final évaluations